How Long Should My Massage Be?


Have you ever gotten off of the massage table and wished you could have just a few more minutes (or another hour)? Then maybe you could use a longer session next time.




Here are some general time ranges:


1) Medically necessary massage because of an acute, diagnosed condition – 30 to 90 minutes

2) Rehabilitative and body maintenance massage – 60 to 90 minutes

3) Wellness and relaxation massage as part of your lifestyle – 60 to 120 minutes


I lean heavily towards longer sessions if they fit your body, temperament and pocket book. Not only are they a better experience for my clients but they are far more enjoyable and satisfying for me as a practitioner. I can get so much more bodywork done and my clients are able to relax on a level that they very seldom, if ever, get to. Your first two hour massage is almost like an out of body experience by the end of it, so treat yourself to a longer session and see how you feel. Full body massage that is less than 90 minutes feels like rushed to me. I can’t take the time that I like to get my client to relax, so their body will invite me in to do deeper work. I can’t spend extra time in areas that need it because I don’t really have enough time to cover the basic areas in the first place.


One of the reasons I keep my rates so low, is so people can afford longer massages. I believe that most people will find their ideal massage session length to be somewhere between 90 minutes and 120 minutes and for some even a little bit longer. For  many people who are new to massage or who only get a couple of massages a year, 90 minutes is a good place to start for session length. It is enough time for a decent full body massage and allows you to relax more deeply than you will in a short 60 minute session.


If You Only Have One Hour ~ If you only have an hour or you can only afford an hour, then let me know the areas that you really want worked on and the ones that you don’t. Let me know if you want to be pampered, or you have some areas that need a lot of attention.


Medical, Rehabilitation and Sports Massage appointments are based on things such as medically prescribed treatments, insurance requirements, clinically based protocols, specific area focus vs. full body focus. If you are receiving medical massage treatment, please rely on the consultation I will provide (in conjunction with your doctor's recomenation) for your massage. ​